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Death of Donagh MacDonagh

Originally posted to Facebook on Dec 31,2017: Today is the 50th anniversary of the death of Donagh MacDonagh. He was a noted poet, playwright, folklorist, radio presenter. In between times he was a district justice. He was the son of Thomas and Muriel MacDonagh. He was three when his father was executed following the Easter Rising and a year later his mother drowned off Skerries. He and his sister Bairbre were initially taken care of by their aunts Kate Gifford Wilson and Grace Gifford Plunkett, their mother’s sisters but there was a law suit and custody was granted to the other side of the family. He result was a very unhappy childhood for both. Don’s first writing was done as…
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RTÉ’s adaptations of Donagh’s work

Curious if they had done adaptations, turns out they have. In 1968 they did “All the Sweet Buttermilk” which is amazing to me since I wrote an adaption screen play for this when I was in school for one of my film courses. Always thought it would be a great short to produce. Would love to see what RTÉ did with it.  One particular production still from “All the Sweet Buttermilk” is here but search for “Happy as Larry” and the still show up from the 1967 production and  “God’s Gentry” was in 1974,